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Relaxed AF

Are you here on vacation?  Do you just feel like you need a vacation?  Either way, you deserve it!  Relax and allow us to take care of you.  This bodywork session will use Swedish massage techniques to send you into bliss.  If you have never had your face and scalp massaged, be prepared to MELT!  This full-body treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world, or take a nap.  Your choice!


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Recovered AF

Did you lift today?  Is a body ache taking you out of your workout routine?  Either way, you can speed up your recovery time with regular bodywork.  This session uses advanced techniques derived from deep tissue, neuromuscular, and cranio-structural therapies.  If you have never had a muscle flush out using massage, be prepared to take deep breaths and discover the gains that can be made with consistent recovery bodywork.  While mostly hands on, this service may also include the use of massage tools such as a tapotement gun, cupping techniques, and hot and cold towels.


60min: $110
90min: $150
120min: $200
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Mobile AF

Did you wake up feeling great and stretch?  Do your joints feel achy and compressed?  Either way, you can increase your mobility and stability, along with range of motion with regular bodywork.  This session combines advanced soft tissue work with active and passive stretching.  If you want to experience more stability and confidence in daily activity, be prepared to take an active role in this bodywork session with feedback and breathwork.


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Wasted AF

Have you ever experienced massage drunk?  It is almost like real drunk, only better for you!  Do you want to level up in the gym AND in life?  Have you felt like something has been holding you back, but you can’t quite figure out what it is?  This session is completely customized to help you achieve all the breakthroughs.  The bodywork combines the use of our custom created CBD balm and all of the most advanced massage techniques to maximize muscle awareness, while the energy work facilitates the movement of stagnation within the spirit.  Combining ways to treat mind, body, and spirit will build confidence in and out of the gym.  You have tried everything EXCEPT for this!  Nothing to lose and everything to gain, invest in the best version of you.


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Kiley Shipp
Reiki Master

Coming Soon Cupping helps to lift soft tissues to unblock stagnation. It lifts the toxins and creates blood flow. Most people will instantly see pick to red tone, meaning blood circulates in that area helping with pain or muscle tightness. If you observe dark to purple spots, it means the muscle has severe stagnation and needs muscle rehabilitation. Doing at least one cupping session will bring back circulation to that area. 




Please Call for availability. Group Booking (Couple sessions are together in the same room with different therapists.) Customize head/back/shoulder massage with stretching. 


60min: $180
90min: $240